OOTD: Birthday Look

Yesterday was such a great day! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday because it indeed was a VERY happy birthday! Now every year on my birthday I like to get a little dressed up and do something fun, so here’s what I did this year.

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22 Things I’ve learned in my 22 Years of Life

Tomorrow I turn 23. Yup, that’s right, tomorrow is my birthday! In honor of my birthday I thought I’d write down some of the things I’ve learned over my 22 years of life. Some of it is advice, others are what I’ve experienced throughout the years. I hope that it can help you in your life or inspire you to write down what you’ve learned from life so far.

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Sephora Birthday Gift

If you’re apart of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program than you already know that every year you get a free birthday gift in your birth month. You usually have 2 options to choose from I’ve noticed that one option is makeup and the other is skin care. Since it’s finally my birth month I thought I’d share with you the gift I chose and what I think about it.

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